Environmental Impact Statements

Before approvals are granted for major developments, a study of a proposed project is performed which examines potential environmental, social and economic impacts of the project, and how those impacts will be avoided or managed.

The study is guided by terms of reference set by government and the document produced is called an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which is used by state and federal governments to assess the project and set appropriate conditions.

Santos GLNG has produced two Environmental Impact Statements.

The first was approved by the Queensland and Federal Governments in 2010. This covered the significant initial stages of the project, and included assessment of up to 2650 wells and associated infrastructure, a gas transmission pipeline to Gladstone and the LNG facility on Curtis Island. An executive summary of this EIS is available here.

The second was approved by the Queensland Government in December 2015 and the Federal Government in March 2016. It covered the expansion of Santos GLNG’s gas fields and up to 6,100 production wells in addition to the previously approved 2650 wells. More information is available here.